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Friday, October 08, 2004

Wanted Community Vision, Excellent Benefits

Larry Burkhardt over at the Nevada County Economic Resource Council, has an interesting column, Wanted Community Vision, Excellent Benefits, in the Nevada County Business News. [scroll down, it is a PDF] He brings up a point I have written about for years. We need a vision of what we want our community to become. If we do not have a destination in mind, we cannot get there from here. Do we want to be become a retirement community, with no jobs for our young people and few entry level jobs? That is where we are headed with the cost of housing driving our young people to move away, as they seek a place where they can live the American dream -- a home and yard for the children.
". . . [W]e need to clearly articulate a community vision of balance and opportunity. . . . Without such a vision and goals, we will continue to inch closer toward becoming a community none of us would have deliberately chosen for us to become."
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UPDATE: Larry is getting a lot of feedback on his article. If you would like to comment, his e-mail address is


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