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Friday, October 29, 2004

Tricky techniques, Marian V. Wyckoff, writes in Letters to the editor, October 29, 2004
"I hope the intelligent people of Nevada County will look beyond Ackerman's tricky journalism techniques to find the truth of this situation. Ackerman's techniques are an insult and embarrassment to this community."
When is telling the truth a journalistic trick? Show me where the Union did not present the facts about Conklin's effort to conceal his shady deals. They presented the facts as I know them, from my research for columns on the North Star House. The real insult and embarrassment would be a community newspaper that avoids the obvious and looks the other way, as it has in the past, when government officials deceive us. We should be proud of Jeff Ackerman, and the Union editors and writers, for publishing accounts of ongoing misdeeds by our government officials. We are finally getting beyond the "etch-i-sketch" level of government reporting foisted on us by past editors and publishers.
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