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Friday, October 22, 2004

Jim Hightower: columnist writes on Yubanet, Wal-Mart Milks Taxpayers, published, Published: Oct 21, 2004
β€œWal-Mart, we're told, is the epitome of free-enterprise in America – work hard, be innovative, achieve efficiencies, and your company will be rewarded with riches! Oh, yes, one more thing, be sure to load up on government subsidies along the way.

Good Jobs First, a research center that studies the doling out of public money to corporations, reports that the sprawling of Wal-Mart's empire has been fueled by the steady injection of more than a billion dollars from the pockets of us taxpayers – including taxes paid by local businesses that subsequently have been squeezed out of existence by Wal-Mart's subsidized muscle.”
Interesting that Hightower does not give us the name of the research center so we can check his facts. When no sources are given, you should be a bit skeptical. What did the study really say? .

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