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Friday, October 15, 2004

Jim Hansen asks a interesting question in Money for terror, October 15, 2004, Letters to the Editor
“The terrorists most likely receive money from all over the world. My question is, who supplies the guns and ammo? U.S. black market, France, who?:”
I am reading Bill Gertz’s Treachery, How America’s Friends and Foes are Secretly Arming our Enemies. Gertz’s makes the case France, Germany and Russia were Saddam’s main weapon providers. France provided anti aircraft missiles and rocket propelled grenades with French serial numbers and 2002 manufacturing dates. The French were trading with Iraq right up to the start of the war. No wonder France would not giving the US a positive vote in the U.N. They were arming Saddam with Oil-for-Food money. Not our friend!

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