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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Growth not necessary or inevitable, writes Terry Lamphier in an Other Voices, October 28, 2004. He is a candidate for Grass Valley City Council.
“As I write this, we are about to spend over 6 million dollars to "solve" one intersection problem while we have been cutting back on public transportation. This is wrong."
See my comments on public transportation: More Transit - Not Likley. Bottom line, most transit does not operate the way citizens choose to live their lives. Thus they buy cars, which more closely meet their life style needs.
“I believe growth is neither necessary or inevitable.”
Sorry, but Nevada County’s growth is driven by population growth in the state. In the past ten years, California grew by 17 percent. We add over 550,000 people annually, about the population of Vermont every year. California will reach 54 million residents by 2025. Grass Valley’s General Plan was developed to accommodate it’s share of this anticipated growth within it’s sphere of influence.

When new people move into Southern California and the Bay Area, those already living there move to the foothills. To stop Nevada County’s growth, Mr. Lamphier would have to stop California’s growth. I wonder how he plans to do that from his seat on the City Council?

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