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Thursday, September 30, 2004

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Geordie Zapalac writing in 9/11 attacks invited, September 30, 2004.
“These 9/11 attacks were arguably invited to happen by President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld when they dismantled standard protocol to intercept hijacked planes on June 1, 2001."
I believe that Mr. Zapalac is spending too much time on the multiple 9/11 conspiracy web sites. The terrorist planned this attack years before NORAD and Mr Rumsfeild made any changes in the protocol.

The protocol in place at the time required fighters to escort highjacked aircraft not shoot them down, which required authorization at the highest level. As a regular flyer, I do not want some 2/Lt. fresh out of pilot school deciding to shoot me down when the airliner radio and transponder fails. I hope it is a higher authority.

Check out House Subcommittee on Aviation, 9/11 Commission Report: Review of Aviation Security Recommendations

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Monday, September 27, 2004

John Keane suggests we should Tax war profits, September 27, 2004, letters to the editor.
“As our soldiers fight and die for liberty in the Middle East, the conglomerates reap billions.”

“A war profits tax should be established now and levied on any company that benefits from this or any future war of aggression, with the revenues going to our service men and women through the VA.”
Lets look at this issue in more detail by examining Halliburton’s excessive war profits, which has been a big target of the left leaning press. Halliburton’s KBR division has been awarded $12 billion in military and reconstruction contracts, but have not realized those "excessive" profits.
“In the second quarter, KBR reported an operating loss of $277 million compared with a loss of $148 million a year earlier, on revenue of $3.1 billion.”
According to International Herald Tribune article, Halliburton is looking to sell KRB, which is emerging from bankruptcy, as being a big drag on the parent company stock. So, taxing an unprofitable company for excessive profits is a loosing proposition.

It would appear, that Mr. Keene has been reading the far left web sites about excessive profits, not checking the facts, at least in the Halliburton case.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Web Log Power

Read this Joanne Jacobs article in the Sunday San Francisco Chronical, it is a great summary of blog power and things to come.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

In the next two weeks you will be reading about global warming causing those Florida hurricanes. As a headstart on's letter writing campaign blaming the hurricanes on George Bush and global warming, be prepared with the knowledge scientists are not buying it. Check out: Scientists downplay global warming as cause for surge in hurricanes

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We are back from vacation, and will continue our effort to monitor the facts in letters to the editor and other voices. If you would like to respond to our posts, please click on the link and let me know what you think.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Terry Lamphier’s facts in an Other Voices, Sift through the stats on growth, September 11, 2004, needs a second look.

I am on vacation and have not read the report, but some of Lamphiers numbers and logic just did not ring true, and I could not let them pass.
“First, the report assumes continued growth at comparable historical rates. Note that this is a political decision and not a given.”
Please note that the “historical growth rate” in the study is consistent with the Grass Valley General Plan, which was subject to extensive citizen input. It was a citizen reenforced decision.

For the record, Grass Valley’s growth rate from 1990 to 2000 was 1.1 percent. The County’s growth rate was 1.38 percent, according to the California Department of Finance.
“Nevada County's population growth rate is 10 percent higher than the California average. . .”
According to the California Legislative Analysts Office the state population grew at roughly 1.6 percent per year. Details here.

According to the No Population Growth web site, California’s population from 1990 to 2000 grew 13.8 percent, or an average of 1.38 per year.

You do the math, but it looks like Nevada County’s annual growth matches the states. If the LAO number are used, it is falling behind. So, where did the scary “10 percent higher than the California average” come from?
“We are doing more than our fair share to accommodate growth.”
Not according to a Sierra Economic Development District in the The 2002 Regional Housing Needs Plan. This part of a statewide mandate to address housing issues that are related to future growth in Nevada and Sierra Counties. Details here.
“Western Nevada County's annual rate of overall job creation is about half of Roseville or Rocklin's.”
Yes, because we lack the infrastructure to capture the major manufactures locating in Rosville and Rocklin. If we do not pay attention, small and medium business will soon be unable to expand or relocate due to the lack of infrastructure.
“This developer-paid-for report suggests that despite tremendous local growth, workers can't afford homes here. . . .
While the developers paid for the report, the City selected the contractor and supervised its development. They wanted a quality assessment. More on this issue once I have read the report. Housing prices are function of supply and demand. More houses will lower demand and produce more affordable houses for teachers, firemen, police and health care professionals. Build them now!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

All, I am on vacation, so postings will be delayed or spotty. I will catch up in the coming weeks, we cannot let the errors of judgement and information go unnoticed.


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Friday, September 03, 2004

Victor Davis Hanson’s, Brace Yourself, is a must read at National Review Online.
The summer and fall have been and will be momentous: national political conventions, elections slated in Afghanistan and here at home, the Olympics, high gas prices, and near cultural hysteria, whether measured by Fahrenheit 9/11 or the Swift-boat ads. But brace yourself — this is only the beginning.
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Karen Hobbs writes in Letter to the Editor, Don't forget the facts, September 3, 2004
“During the Republican Convention's rah-rahs and spin, don't forget the facts. Under Bush our country is crashing economically: loss of jobs and health benefits, lower wages and a historically high federal deficit."
The Polipundit points to some interesting statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The economy is not crashing and jobs are growing,
Establishment Survey (W-2 payroll employment)

Total employment as of December 2000 = 131.878 million
Total employment as of August 2004 = 131.475 million

So, the truth is that 403,000 W-2 jobs have been lost since George Bush took office; not the 900,000, 1 million, or even the 2 million that you see, from time to time, in various liberal and partisan-Democratic circles.

On the other hand:

Household Survey (W-2 employment, 1099 contractors, self-employment, etc.)

Total employment as of December 2000 = 135.836 million
Total employment as of August 2004 = 139.681 million
So it looks like George Bush's economic policies have produced about 4 million jobs since 2000. Hummm . . . Unemployment, is now 5.4%. Humm. . . Yep, the economy is crashing. Not.

It also looks like that these new jobs were not at lower wages, as suggested by Ms Hobbs. One has to ask, "historically high federal deficit" relative to what? When compared to GDP it is not historically high.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Stuart Hoffmann, writes in the Union Letters to the Editor, Poor pay the price, September 1, 2004.
For anyone needing yet another reason to defeat George W. Bush in November, I submit the following:

• The number of Americans living in poverty increased by 1.3 million last year.

• The ranks of the uninsured increased by 1.4 million.

• It was the third straight year of annual increases in both categories

I suggest that economic policy is not the problem, rather it is the source of the poor, the illegal immigration that adds a half a billion low income families per year to the populaiton. Since 2000, we have added about 2 million new immigrants according to the Census Bureau. Immigrants, who earn one-tenth of the average US worker. This is the major source of low income families according to the Census Bureau.
[T]he 2000 Census suggests that the illegal immigration population was about 8 million. Using this number, it can be concluded that the illegal-alien population grew by almost half a million a year in the 1990s. This conclusion is derived from a draft report given to the House immigration subcommittee by the INS that estimated the illegal population was 3.5 million in 1990. For the illegal population to have reached 8 million by 2000, the net increase had to be 400,000 to 500,000 per year during the 1990s.
More details here.

If Bush caused the increase in poverty, it was because he has not closed our Southern borders, not because of his economic policies, as implied by Mr. Hoffmann.

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