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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Listen to the SMART GROWTHERS, writes, Jeff Ackerman, Union Publisher, August 24, 2004
We are not born NIMBYS (Not In My Back Yard) or NO-GROWTHERS, or even BANANAS (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone). It takes time to develop those characteristics of paranoia. Years and years of watching neighborhoods spread, strip malls planted, charm turned to trash. And one day we wake up and shout, "That's it! Pack the van! We're moving to Oregon!" Where it starts all over again. . .

. . . There is an alternative to NIMBYS and SPRAWLERS. They're called SMART GROWTHERS. Fortunately for us, we have some pretty smart people in these parts, and it's time we started paying a little closer attention to their voices.

Jeff writes a very interesting column worth a second look. But, it is also worth your time to look at a Smart Growth second opinion. Smart growth is a term with a lot of negative political baggage. Please note in my article below that Nevada County is moving away from the term Smart Growth, using instead "Traditional Neighborhood Design." A term with less political baggage.

My smart growth article for the Capitol Journal, July 2003, "Smart Growth Reality Check.”

In addition, I am concerned that building high density houses, without building the village shops and stores, will force home owners with limited garage parking to park on the street, which will put more cars on the narrow walking friendly streets. Walking to Glenbrook for the necessities of life, in summer heat and winter rain is not an option for our growing senior population.

I also question if will local merchants in Grass Valley and Glenbrook, welcome new village shops in the project. Will they use their political power to short circuit the development of competing shops in this innovative development?

I think Loma Rica villages are a great concept if they are all built as planned, and include broadband fiber optic communication to every home and business in the villages. Fiber cables are installed just like water, power and sewer lines. Broadband is now essential infrastructure, an alternative to traveling by car.

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