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Monday, August 16, 2004

Harold Blickenstaff asked several interesting questions in his
Letters to the Editor, Terrorism breeds terrorism, August 16, 2004

Harold’s point is that America is to blame for world wide terror? I agree with him, not not for the reasons he implies.
“1. What has the United States done and what are we now doing that makes potential terrorists want to kill Americans? Can we change?"
Yes, we are to blame. We have promoted personal freedom and free choice, allowing women to make choices and girls to go to school. We have promoted debauchery and homosexuality as normal. And, we are open to all religions, especially christianity. Can we change? Do we want to return to the 13th Century. Not likely!
“2. What is the situation in which a potential terrorist finds himself that makes him so desperate that he is eager and willing to commit suicide to kill Americans? Can this be changed?"
Civilized nations have dealt with religious fanaticism for thousands of years. In all that time the only solution that has worked is extermination. It is impossible to negotiate with a religious fanatic, when his only goal is to be served by 72 virgins in a dream land controlled by the Koran. A car bomb is his shortcut to those virgins.
“We must find a way to convince him that he can achieve his goals nonviolently and live in peace. How can we do this?”
See my answer to question two.

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UPDATE: James L. Butler has some answers in, Deport illegal aliens, August 17, 2004 Letters to Editor
Enough is enough! I just had to salute the letter “Long Live America” [June 7]. Al-Qaida are here by the millions. Know ye, these Islamic fanatics have no love for America and its open season for them to kill all “infidels.” That means you and me, Christian or atheist, straight or queer, who don’t covert to Islam.

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