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Friday, August 27, 2004

Eric Engles writes in an Other Voices, A community vision for Grass Valley, August 27, 2004
“At a recent meeting put on by the Nevada County Transportation Commission and the City of Grass Valley, residents of the Allison Ranch Road area were surprised to find out that proposed routes for a new four-lane road to Highway 49 would cut through their yards, and for one route, require the demolition of at least 10 homes. . . .

. . . If Grass Valley is going to grow in a way that reflects what residents actually want, there needs to be a community-based planning process, with serious workshops and citywide surveys." My ephasis added.
This meeting was a serious public workshop. A joint workshop sponsored by Caltrans, Grass Valley, NC Transportation Commission, and the developers of the Bear River Mill and North Star sites. A bit of information Dr. Engles failed to mention was the Crestview Interchange proposal was not a suprize to the land owners. They had been invited to review the eight possible routes under discussion at City Hall for two weeks before this public workshop was held. The NCTC recieved 55 letters, expressing property owner's views. No suprise!

I agree, we need a vison for Grass Valley. A vison that embraces, affordable housing, jobs, infrastructure, and the steps necessary to make that vision real. Honesty would be a good place to start. If Dr. Engles has proof of back room deals, as a Transportation Commissioner, I would like to hear the details.

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