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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Donna Saunders writes in letters to the editor and quotes Willam Rood, Chicago Tribune Editor in Whom to believe? , August 28, 2004
"Whom does it make sense to believe, the men who served and fought in close company with Kerry and who back his Navy-certified record?
Well, we might want to ask that question again, as the Swift Boat Vets were the one's who fought only yards from Kerry's boat and bunked in the same hooch. You get to know the people you eat and bunk with. Also, the Navy is taking a second look at Kerry's records. You cannot have V for valor on a Silver Star, they are not awarded. Navy Secretary John Lehman, under Reagan, is challenging citations under his signature posted to Kerry's campaign web site. So, who requested the records be forged in the 1980s? Clerical error? By whom?

More details here

UPDATE: Navy Launches Formal Kerry Medal Probe
The United States Navy has launched an official investigation into John Kerry's Vietnam War decorations, saying, "it's the responsibility of all personnel to correct errors in official records
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