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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Don Jones wrote in the Union Letters on August 11, 2004: More than emotion

"World War II was a survival war; killing innocent Iraqis in order to get an unjust dictator has apparently had no influence on stopping terrorism and is certainly not a survival war. To say that those who support Bush and his unjust war are better than those opposing it is a very sad thing for a 21-year-old to even think."

Don was responding to a well written and well thoughout August 5, 2004, Other Voices, by Sarah Palmer a 21 year old college student. The better among us fight for peace. While Don gives Sarah's analysis a C- because of her opinions are not supported. Wrong! All the while, Don fails to supporting his own opinions that the Iraq war was unjust.

"Not a survival war."
Really ? Consider this from the United Kingdom.

"LONDON (Talon News) -- Five hundred metric tons (1,100,000 lbs) of milled uranium oxide (yellowcake, U3O8) stored at Saddam Hussein's al Tuwaitha nuclear weapons research laboratory near Baghdad could have been converted to enriched gaseous uranium hexafluoride, UF6. This amount of yellowcake could produce up to 142 nuclear weapons, prominent British physicist Norman Dombey has determined."

Should we have waited until Saddam had the bombs and used them, before taking action?

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