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Monday, August 02, 2004

Dick Phillips wrote in the Union Letters on 2 August, 2004: Solutions for housing inequity?

"The lack of housing for service-providing people - the overwhelming majority of the workers in our county - should be an embarrassment to those of us who own our own homes."

Why should I be embarrassed? Because government failed to provide adequate infrastructure? Because government fees are so high that local contractors can no longer build affordable housing? Because the no-growther's have bottled up any housing development with punitive regulations, preventing affordable housing developments? It is supply and demand baby. The only way to produce affordable housing is to build more houses.

I am not embarrassed we are on our way to becoming an elite bedroom community. We deserve what we get -- a community of old farts with a crumbling infrastructure, without enough nurses, ambulances drivers, firemen and EMTs to keep us alive in a medical emergency.
Is this the kind of community you want to live in? Think about it, the next time the no-growthers start howling about limiting growth.

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