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Thursday, August 19, 2004

David A. Price writes on transportation issues in Government incompetence in Union Letters to the Editor, August 19, 2004
“The $500,000 that the city has in its coffers earmarked for traffic improvement is not enough to even begin any type of improvement.”
David may want to check on the source his numbers. The total amount collected for traffic mitigation exceeds $1.3 million, including the regional mitigation fee program and those fees collected by Grass Valley from developers before the regional mitigation fee program was launched in the Spring of 2000. There is currently a plan in place to start fixing the Idaho Maryland / East Main/ Highway 49/20 off ramp intersection. However, the final solution is still several years away as we go through the Caltrans Planning Process. The Nevada County Transportation Commission is monitoring the progress and inturn is being monitored by community organizations to insure the process stays on track. There is growing concern that failure to fix local traffic congestion will strangle local business development.

You will find more information on local transportation and traffic issues at NC Transportation Infrastructure.

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