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Friday, August 20, 2004

David Briceno writes in an Other Voices Who can help uninsured the most? August 20, 2004.
“Which candidate will help the uninsured the most? Between President Bush and John Kerry, the one who is more believable in doing something substantial (besides lip service) to help our "national disgrace" - the plight of the uninsured - is John Kerry.”
Where is the substantiation for this conclusions? Because it appears in his campaign literature is not substantiation? What health care legislation did Candidate Kerry sponsor in his 20 years in the Senate?
"In the richest country on the face of the planet," his campaign literature reads, "no American ought to be struggling to find health care that's accessible and affordable."
“The basic right to health care should be a reality for all Americans. We're due for a health-care system that works for all - not for some”
Who is going to pay for this health care "right?" Are we willing to have health care systems administered by the government. Look north to Canada, where the waiting list for an MIR is four to six months according to a Ontario Public Service Employees Union study. Canada spends more on health care, on an age-adjusted basis, than any industrialized country, other than the U.S. and Switzerland. A Canadian earning $35,000 a year pays $7,350 for government health care that many regard as "free." Nothing is free, the cost of a national health care system will come out of your pay envelope. Are you ready?

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