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Monday, August 02, 2004

Chuck Carlson wrote in the 2 August, 2004 Union Letters that he is worried about the 49 Corridor and why it is at the top of Caltran's list.

Dick Phillips provdes us the answer in Solutions for housing inequity. We need to upgrade highway 49 to safely bring in all the service workers who cannot afford a home in the County.

"The NCESI report generally uses March 2003 numbers. It tells us that of the 28,900 people living and working in Nevada County, 23,900 are "service providing." (This includes teachers, waiters, retail clerks, entertainers, government employees, nurses and more.) That's an astonishing 83 percent of Nevada County's work force. The average wage for "services" in 2002 (NCESIR's latest number) was only $26,834. In contrast, the average price for a home in western Nevada County in March '03 was $355,034."

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